2007-2011 JEEP Wrangler RIPP Headers Stainless Long-Tube with Cats

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JEEP Wranglers equipped with the 3.8l V6 are anything but powerful, RIPP has been on an on going quest to turn that around.

If you're looking for a significant improvement in performance with "NO COMPROMISES" look no further. RIPP took over six months to perfect this header design and we assure you no other header on the market can provide these gains and improved driving experience.

Made with the highest quality USA - T304 stainless, these direct bolt-in systems are manufactured to provide outstanding performance and a great fit. All systems come with standard with 3/8" thick flanges, merge-style collectors and severe duty metallic substrate cats. For your convenience we've also added all the plug-and-play Oxygen sensor extensions, and O2 bungs for relocating factory O2's. As an added feature, RIPP made sure the stock exhaust heat shields bolt back in place, so you don't run into trouble with under hood plastics like ALL our competitors do. This system is considered the highest quality and most powerful brand in the Wrangler world, we take our performance seriously and so should you. Don't be fooled by short tube header design brand or price. Our header truly delivers on its promise. They are a three piece bolt together design, which provides an easy installation in comparison to the competitions. The Tig welded and hand ported 3/8" thick flanges mate perfectly and make sure the gaskets will not leak. Fully welded 3 into 1 merge collectors assure equal exhaust pulsations. Also included are two - 200 cell ultra high flow metallic substrate cats. In short these are the best hand crafted header for that V6 and will provide on average of  35lbs/ft or torque 600 RPM sooner than stock and 25 rear-wheel HP gains with excellent response throughout the RPM range.

*The Diablo and Hushpower are optional items, please see drop down menu below.

*Please expect a universal installation for the Hushpower resonator. cut and clamp on, or weld-on is the most popular install method. (optional )


Stock HP/Trq:

  • 134 Rear Wheel HP Stock Manifolds, Cats & Exhaust
  • 170lbs/ft of Torque

RIPP Headers (Stock Exhaust)

  • 150 Rear Wheel HP
  • 188lbs/ft ofTorque

*RIPP Headers and Diablo Tuner: (recommended) 

  • 188 Rear Wheel HP
  • 200lbs/ft of Torque 

** Off Road Use Only (not CARB Certified) 

**RIPP cannot be responsible for discrepancies between different dyno readings available throughout the industry. Many different dyno's read in different net output. Please educate yourself between the different type of readings available from your dyno operator. RIPP advertises SAE HP captured at the rear wheel and typically on a large tire unless otherwise noted.

**** Although this header system maintains emissions standards they should be considered off-road use only.


**RIPP recommends tuning your vehicle after headers are installed. Diablo Sport (RM3000NA) plug and play tuning device is available in the drop down menu. This device will contain a proper tune for your vehicle with RIPP headers. Simply plug it in to your OBDII port and install the RIPP header tune.   



Note: For installation of *optional HUSHPOWER RESONATOR on a 2dr. vehicle; fitment is very tight because of the lack of space. Please have a professional exhaust or muffler shop help with the installation. (optional)